Sunday, January 4, 2015

Rose of Sarah

This is my first colored pencil drawing. It was done from one of Sarah's beautiful photos. It is easy for me to be inspired by her works. It is a 9x13 and was done with some inexpensive materials. I actually sold a print of this, which was better quality than the original. I was pleased and encouraged to work and learn more about this medium. Four years of mostly drawing in high school art really served to improve my skills, but none of it that I remember was done with colored pencils. The really nice thing about drawing is the ease of taking it on the go. I have gotten to draw with a group of sisters that do other crafts (knit, quilt, etc.). We call ourselves "The Finishers", LOL. That has been a joy! I hope I can continue, but will either be going back to work or school so it may not be possible.

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