Sunday, January 4, 2015

Rose of Sarah

This is my first colored pencil drawing. It was done from one of Sarah's beautiful photos. It is easy for me to be inspired by her works. It is a 9x13 and was done with some inexpensive materials. I actually sold a print of this, which was better quality than the original. I was pleased and encouraged to work and learn more about this medium. Four years of mostly drawing in high school art really served to improve my skills, but none of it that I remember was done with colored pencils. The really nice thing about drawing is the ease of taking it on the go. I have gotten to draw with a group of sisters that do other crafts (knit, quilt, etc.). We call ourselves "The Finishers", LOL. That has been a joy! I hope I can continue, but will either be going back to work or school so it may not be possible.

Adventures In Watercolors

Here is a watercolor that I did a couple of years ago when I decided to try to learn watercolors. It was done from an instructional book. Working with watercolors is definitely more of a challenge than other mediums and I haven't worked as hard at it as would be necessary. The difficulty being a higher degree than most other mediums, I have been spending more time working on colored pencil works. I do so admire the medium that I should continue to pursue it. I am not very satisfied with my work so far, but they do require that I give up some control and learn to accept what comes sometimes. A good life lesson.

These 4 works were done in the last year or 2. They are all from the same instructional book.

This work was done from the book only with some additions of my own. I was fairly pleased with the water but not so much with the trees.

This last one was inspired by a photo from a calendar. It is kind of psychedelic. It didn't come out like the photo or what I had in mind, but is not too bad.

Door in Italy

This is an oil painting done a few years ago from a photo for a dear couple. The photo was taken in Italy while they were on their honeymoon.