Friday, August 14, 2009

God's Colorado Gold

20"x16" Oils on canvas. It was done (inspired by) a photo on a calendar. It is supposed to be done, but I am still not happy with the rocks. I already re-did the sky and mountains. I do like them better now. I need to study rocks I guess.

Mountain Waterfall Sawblade

Oils on a ~8" sawblade. I just finished this one and plan to give it for a gift. It was done from another artists intstruction book. I am pretty happy with it.

Friday, May 22, 2009

A Peaceful Place

This is my first oil painting after a lot of years away. It is a just a small 9x13 on canvas board and was painted from another artist's work in an instructional book. Bev Damme was my instructor and it was accepted into the 2008 Colorado State Fair. It took many hours to get completed and right. I am fairly happy with it.

Dogwood Flowers

This is a small oil painting of Dogwood flowers on a piece of wood that my Dad finished for his and my Mom's friend Wessie.

American Eagle 1

This is oil on a wooden box that I did for Bev. She sold it in one of her art & crafts shows.

Mail Pouch

Here is an acrylic done on a saw blade, in the spring of 08, while on vacation in Ohio. It was done from another artists work (I've got to quit cheating). It was done with some really cheap acrylics because they would not let me take my oils on the plane (they are flammable). It was a gift to my dear Aunt Suellen. She likes the Mail Pouch barns because that is what her dad used to chew.

Aunt Suellen - Charcoal

This is a black and white charcoal pencil drawing I did of my Aunt Suellen (my Mom's sis) when I was in high school (probably '78-'80). I was told she looks like me, but I think I made the drawing look a little like me, ha.

Bethany - Pencil Drawing

This is a pencil drawing of my cute little cousin Bethany (Aunt Suellen's only daughter after 3 boys), done '78-'80. She was probably about 7 years old. I may have aged her, but I don't know where the photo is so I'm not sure.