Sunday, January 4, 2015

Rose of Sarah

This is my first colored pencil drawing. It was done from one of Sarah's beautiful photos. It is easy for me to be inspired by her works. It is a 9x13 and was done with some inexpensive materials. I actually sold a print of this, which was better quality than the original. I was pleased and encouraged to work and learn more about this medium. Four years of mostly drawing in high school art really served to improve my skills, but none of it that I remember was done with colored pencils. The really nice thing about drawing is the ease of taking it on the go. I have gotten to draw with a group of sisters that do other crafts (knit, quilt, etc.). We call ourselves "The Finishers", LOL. That has been a joy! I hope I can continue, but will either be going back to work or school so it may not be possible.

Adventures In Watercolors

Here is a watercolor that I did a couple of years ago when I decided to try to learn watercolors. It was done from an instructional book. Working with watercolors is definitely more of a challenge than other mediums and I haven't worked as hard at it as would be necessary. The difficulty being a higher degree than most other mediums, I have been spending more time working on colored pencil works. I do so admire the medium that I should continue to pursue it. I am not very satisfied with my work so far, but they do require that I give up some control and learn to accept what comes sometimes. A good life lesson.

These 4 works were done in the last year or 2. They are all from the same instructional book.

This work was done from the book only with some additions of my own. I was fairly pleased with the water but not so much with the trees.

This last one was inspired by a photo from a calendar. It is kind of psychedelic. It didn't come out like the photo or what I had in mind, but is not too bad.

Door in Italy

This is an oil painting done a few years ago from a photo for a dear couple. The photo was taken in Italy while they were on their honeymoon.

Monday, September 19, 2011

At the auction at Cheyenne Mt. Conference Center.  It went for $1000.  The money will mostly go to supporting Art and Music in District 11 schools.  I am thankful for the opportunity to do it and excited that it raised a good amount.  The 30 butterflies went for over $39,000 total.

Details in progress...

One wing done.

At the Artists' Reception at the Citadel.

On display on Cascade, downtown Colorado Springs.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Got Some Color

My butterfly had to travel to Ohio with us. She enjoyed her time visiting my sweet Aunt in the country. She came back looking pretty colorful. The base colors are all on and blended, as much as possible. It was no easy task even with all the measures I could take. I did start getting better at it by the time I finished. ;) There were some places I have had to repair, which is also real difficult, since you have to get the exact blended color and the paint is darker after it dries. I had to do 2-3 coats to get it to cover. That was probably worse because I used an translucent white rather than an opaque. Live and learn. If you look close you can see some of the detail lines drawn on.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Butterfly Project Accepted and Started

My design and the designs of 2 friends at work, Lita and Prachi, all got accepted for this project. We are all excited and a bit nervous. There were not a lot of entries, but I guess they felt our designs would appeal to the public. I had decided to do it pretty last minute and wasn't sure what or if I should do it. I prayed as I looked for ideas and tried to put something together. I was surprised that it came together pretty well. So, I guess I am supposed to do it. I can't do it in oils as I planned, so the blending will be a challenge. I will use a paint additive to slow the drying and I got a STA-Wet pallet. For me, this will be a lesson in acrylics (which I haven't used for many years), time management, faith and who knows what else. So far, I've gotten it sanded to create a "bite" for the paint. Then I applied a light gray primer coat. I practiced on some aluminum burner covers and am ready to start putting on color. My Dad and I got one of the wings mounted on a board to make it easier to paint the edges without it sticking to the surface. I learned that when applying the primer. Now begins the real challenge. Help Lord!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Color of Creation

This This is a colored pencil drawing of the concept I submitted for the Butterfly Project. If accepted I will get a 3 ft aluminum butterfly to paint with this design and a stipend for materials. The finished piece would be displayed somewhere in Colorado Springs. At the end of the summer they are auctioned off and the proceeds benefit Art & Music in schools. I will find out next week. I'm not sure if I stand a chance, but it was fun to submit and a great cause. The concept was to paint the form with oil paints. Then to use a iridescent finish coming out on the blue and green and a sparkle finish on the red and orange. I wanted make it bright to stand out in the outdoors and to use the colors of the color wheel as a representation of a basic of Art concept.