Saturday, April 9, 2011

Color of Creation

This This is a colored pencil drawing of the concept I submitted for the Butterfly Project. If accepted I will get a 3 ft aluminum butterfly to paint with this design and a stipend for materials. The finished piece would be displayed somewhere in Colorado Springs. At the end of the summer they are auctioned off and the proceeds benefit Art & Music in schools. I will find out next week. I'm not sure if I stand a chance, but it was fun to submit and a great cause. The concept was to paint the form with oil paints. Then to use a iridescent finish coming out on the blue and green and a sparkle finish on the red and orange. I wanted make it bright to stand out in the outdoors and to use the colors of the color wheel as a representation of a basic of Art concept.


  1. I just found out today that my design was accepted and I will be painting this for the Butterfly Project. I am excited and nervous. My friends at work, Lita & Prachi, also got their design accepted. We pick up the blank aluminum butterflies on Friday. I prayed as I did this at the last moment and entered it. I really was surprised how it came together. I guess God wants me to do it. Now I will be praying for help. I so want it to come out good.

  2. My design and the designs of 2 friends at work, Lita & Prachi, all got accepted. I was honored at first, but found out there were not a lot of entries. We figured they must have considered them good enough to sell though. Still we are very excited and a bit nervous. We picked up our butterflies Friday. The wings are 3-4 ft high and mount on a stand that is about 4-5 ft tall. They are made of aluminum, but are about 1/4" thick so they are not light. This weekend I got it all lightly scuffed, so the paint will adhere. I plan to practice on some aluminum burner covers that I bought. Now begins the challange. Help Lord!!!